At the Riverside Assisted Living in Pine River, one resident celebrated a rare honor when she turned 100 years old Thursday, Dec. 19.

Florence Ronnenberg is modest about her life. She doesn't think it was all that interesting, but if her demeanor is any indicator, it was probably a hoot. The way she talks about her birthday is quite entertaining.

“We had lots of fun. Didn't get drunk. I don't drink,” Ronnenberg said Friday, Dec. 20. “We had a good day yesterday. We had lots of people around. We had a good lunch and I got lots of flowers. My little room has three or four plants in here. And I got a kitty cat, not a live one.”

Ronnenberg was particularly satisfied by that cat, a small, interactive stuffed animal that makes sounds.

“Cute like me,” Ronnenberg said. “There's no conceit in our family, I got it all.”

Ronnenberg wasn't sure what led to her reaching the 100-year milestone; however, there may have been a few factors.

“I just never drank and I love to eat but not over eat. I'm 100 years and one day today,” Ronnenberg said Friday. “I was a good old Polish girl. I did smoke when I was younger, because most of the girls did when I was 14. I gave it up because it was too expensive.”

Ronnenberg spent most of her life in Winona before moving to Wabasha. She had three husbands, now passed, and she came to Pine River to be close to her daughter who lives nearby.

Asked how she feels having a 100th birthday so near to Christmas, Ronnenberg said she didn't know how much more she could celebrate, but she was looking forward to Christmas.