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Kinship Partners Match of the Month: Pequot Lakes match based on trust, respect

Carol Hansen and Kaydince Jordan, both of Pequot Lakes, are Kinship Partners’ newest Match of the Month. Submitted Photo

Kinship Partners honors Carol Hansen and Kaydince "Kaydi" Jordan, both of Pequot Lakes, as its Match of the Month. They were matched in February 2015, when Jordan was just 10 years old.

Hansen said when she looked back at her childhood years, having had the chance to be mentored by a strong, positive adult figure providing lifelong advice and support would have been a blessing for her.

Soon after her adult daughter moved 10 hours away, Hansen decided it was time for her to get matched with a "girly girl" who longed for a mentor in her life and enjoyed the same things she did.

Hansen's and Jordan's relationship is based on trust and respect. Hansen said Jordan is a good listener but also a good talker once she gets to know you.

Over the years, they have enjoyed many activities together but believe their favorites have been watching movies, going out to eat and just plain visiting. Hansen enjoys listening to Jordan talk about school, especially now that she is 14 and stories are getting more interesting.

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