Kinship Partners: Pequot Lakes couple mentors Breezy Point siblings


Kinship Partners honors Dan and Sharon Jacobsen, Pequot Lakes, and Thomas and Lucas Taylor, Breezy Point, as its Match of the Month.

Thomas's and Lucas's mom decided to check into Kinship Partners for them because all of their extended family lives in Montana.

Kristi said, "I wanted some special people who would really get to know the boys and support and encourage them in their daily lives, activities and school work. I also hoped that through Kinship Partners they would find someone who would expose them to new things and show and teach them things that I could not."

Dan's and Sharon's fondness for both Thomas and Lucas is evident. Dan and Sharon have been mentoring Thomas and Lucas for almost three years, and as mentors they feel they have found the perfect match.

Thomas enjoys going to the dump with Dan to find discarded treasures to repurpose or make minor repairs. They built a porch swing and painted the frame, and they have done many other projects together. The boys and Dan enjoy spending time together.

"I consider mentoring an adventure, and it keeps me from growing old," Dan said.

Sharon enjoys showing the boys how to do things in the kitchen and working in her craft room. One of the favorite things for Sharon and Lucas to do is read books. Working with kids is new for Sharon; it has allowed her to experience new things.

"Mentoring doesn't cost anything except a little quality time," she said.

Congratulations to Dan and Sharon and Thomas and Lucas for adding so much spark to each other's lives. Memories are being made and valuable lessons are being learned that will shape Thomas's and Lucas's future.

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