This morning, eight deer were lined up on my driveway with a couple others in the yard and a group of 30 turkeys hanging close by on the edge of the woods.

This is what happens when you start to feed a couple skinny-looking deer. They are waiting for the breakfast bell to ring. It is a familiar conversation in the spring - people sharing how many deer they are feeding or turkeys they see roaming through.

They brag proudly about how many pounds of feed they go through to help these helpless, struggling critters.

Do I hear bragging about helping to feed our hungry neighbors? Because the hungry look like any Peter, Paul and Mary. It is harder to see their needs. We should be even more proud to help our fellow man.

March is designated Minnesota FoodShare Month; it's a time for food shelves to fill their coffers and shelves.

The areas surrounding Pine River and Backus are designated a food desert by the state. Our schools offer free meals because of the level of poverty our students' families live in here.

At the Pine River Area Food Shelf, 1,850 family boxes of food were distributed last year with 126 new families being introduced to our program. We have been able to meet these needs only because of the generosity and love of our caring community.

March is the month we reach out to you again for your help to meet our needs for this year.

I suggest you gather with family, friends and other nice people to discuss this further; say at a spaghetti feed from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, March 24, at the American Legion in Pine River to celebrate community helping community, which is our small-town attitude and gift.

Call 218-587-4292 if you have any questions.