Do your kohlrabi have a chance to make it from your garden to your house? Ours are eaten right in their row.

Are your tomatoes producing in bushels instead of one or two here and there? Everyone says their apples are plentiful this year. I don't think I've tasted a cob of corn that wasn't excellent this year.

We are really fortunate to live in an agricultural area. When I was a kid, Mom would buy bushels of tomatoes or apples and put them on the back porch for our snacking. Processed foods like canned meals or boxed dinners were not in our budget.

How the world has changed. Today fresh and healthy produce are higher priced than boxed or canned foods. Fresh food requires additional time to prepare and are higher priced, but isn't your family worth it?

The Pine River Area Food Shelf strives to have healthy choices available for our hungry families. Seeds are given out in the spring. We take every opportunity we can to collect fresh produce from our suppliers.

Ask a teacher what a difference good nutrition can make in a student's ability to learn. Our area in Cass County is labeled as "food insecure; a food desert."

And this is where you can help us. If you have a surplus of fresh produce or see a sale at your local store or outdoor market, we would appreciate it if you would think of giving to your hungry neighbors visiting the Pine River Area Food Shelf. We appreciate the generosity of several local farmers who plant rows dedicated for the hungry. You do make a difference.

We can accept produce any time the Pine River-Backus Family Center is open. Call us at 218-587-4292 with questions. Stop by for a cup o' joe any time.