Have you ever had one of those conversations - like the game telephone - when you start with one subject and end on an entirely different subject?

We started with hammock, went to how we've slept camping, to how soldiers used to sleep, to questioning how Army soldiers now sleep and then to online research. Although we did not find an answer to our question, we did find a list of the Army's six recommendations for a more restful night.

No. 4 struck me as applicable to everyday life as well. It states: "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

I have had this argument with my son many times. I say being uncomfortable is good because it ignites the desire for change. He says finding peace (comfort) with where you are at now makes today more bearable.

I guess we are talking apples and oranges. I am looking at tomorrow, and he's looking at today. Both viewpoints need to be incorporated into our life. If I am not happy with how my life is now, I can play the "Woe Is Me" song or change my attitude to gratitude and find what is good about today. If I want to have a life that is different from the one I live now, then I can start building the blocks to make those goals come true.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand with finding the resources and/or support services to make our lives more comfortable for our family and ourselves today and in the future. There are many services and programs that the Pine River-Backus Family Center provides. Need copies or to fax or to use a computer? We can help you there.

Call 218-587-4292 with questions. Wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year.