When I was a kid, my mom always put the good stuff (cookies, candy) high in the cupboard out of reach of her eight little goblins. It was a big "no, no" to even try to get them down. I had to baby-sit to have the money for the candy or treats I wanted.

When I have had things in life (like a job or a car) that were beyond my reach, I had to find a way to make them within my reach. I took college courses to be eligible for the job I wanted. I had to save money for the car I wanted.

Patience and persistence were traits I had to develop. When I was single and living in Detroit, I had no car and was making minimum wage. So the first thing I did with every paycheck was put aside money so I could get a car and get out of Detroit!

We are never stuck forever where we are at now. I was in Detroit for two years before I could relocate to another city.

Within your reach are the job you want and the support you need to get there. A representative from the Workforce Center comes to the family center each week.

Is feeding your family a difficulty? The food shelf is open twice a week. Need to get presents for your kids for Christmas? The family center runs Christmas for Kids and is taking applications right now. Our home visiting person can help first-time moms who are pregnant and want help to navigate this experience.

The top shelf is within our reach for whatever we want if we are willing to work for it. The Pine River-Backus Family Center can help you with your immediate needs.

Questions? Call 218-587-4292.