Winter brings cold and snow. What is it good for? My bones say NOTHING!

But I know it gives the earth moisture and lets nature rest. We experience many winters in our lives - times when we are stuck in a cold, dark place where we cannot find how to break the ground for change.

The spring of hope is not within our reach. We can linger there hopelessly or find a way out. We need to look for the tools to break free. Often times it involves making a change in a new direction or finding the resources needed to remedy the situation.

"Stuff" happens, and the Pine River-Backus Family Center can help you find the way out. We have the help for young moms and families, food, housing, energy, work, etc.

A young couple comes to town on the promise of work, and then the husband is injured, unable to do the job he was hired to do. The mom is pregnant. The friend they are staying with is overcrowded.

They need help finding permanent housing, emergency food, alternative work and support for mom with her pregnancy. They need gas help to get to the doctor. Thankfully, we have a family center that can help in all areas.

Do you know a neighbor or a friend in need of help with struggles in their life? Pride is a component that keeps people away from seeking services. You need to tell them: "You are not alone." Without the right breaks, we could all be there.

There is no shame in taking advantage of what is available to take care of your family. The food shelf is not a government-supported agency. The majority of our support comes from our generous and caring local communities.

Questions? Call 218-587-4292.