60 years ago, Sept 15, 1961

(Headline) Dick and Jane Houston on way to Puerto Rican Holiday

50 years ago, Sept. 16, 1971

(Headline) Pine River organizes civil defense auxiliary police unit

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(Headline) Tigers dump Bigfork; play at Kelliher Fri.

25 years ago, Sept. 19, 1996

The Whispering Pines Good Samaritan Center in Pine River may once again try to purchase a piece of Kater Park.

(Headline) Whispering Pines employees plan walkout; Workers protest cutting of staff, demand increase in pay

10 years ago, Sept. 15, 2011

Pine River's Ride with Us city bus is in urgent need of more riders in order to maintain service.

(Headline) Backus City Council has vacancy: City's 2012 levy is nearly 18% increase over final 2011 levy

- Compiled by Travis Grimler, Staff Writer