60 years ago, Sept. 8, 1961

(Headline) Monday fire destroys hay and shed at Martin Peterson farm house

(Headline) Roy Joenks Jr., who is employed by Archie Shamp, well-known local livestock dealer, escaped serious injury Wednesday evening when the truck he was driving rolled over an embankment near New London.

(Headline) Mr. and Mrs. Mathisen are new owners of The Crystal Inn on Highway 84

50 years ago, Sept. 9, 1971

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(Headline) Mary Kish observes 100th birthday at Good Samaritan

Supt. J.A. Fillibeck outlined the free and reduced price lunch policy for the Pine River School District children unable to pay the full price.

25 years ago, Sept. 12, 1996

(Headline) P.R. prosecuting record number of DWIs; cases all expected to go to trial, costing city thousands

(Headline) Backus reconsiders airport gasoline storage; MPCA demanding removal of old storage tank; cost is $12,995

10 years ago, Sept. 8, 2011

(Headline) TZT Electronics is new Pine River business

(Headline) Lakes Bluegrass Festival to return to Pine River in August 2012

- Compiled by Travis Grimler, Staff Writer