60 years ago, April 21, 1961

(Headline) Wallace home and Adamson barn destroyed by fire this week

(Photo) Honored guests at the Red Owl Food Show in Minneapolis Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Goddard, operators of the Red Owl Agency food store in Pine River.

50 years ago, April 25, 1971

Thomas E. Taylor of Houston Motor Company, Pine River, Minnesota, will be honored for outstanding sales performance during 1970 at a Ford 300-500 club banquet in April.

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25 years ago, April 18, 1996

(Headline) Backus trail plans underway

(Headline) Pine River revives efforts for Highway 371, Main Street stoplight

(Headline) Backus honored for wastewater treatment

10 years ago, April 21, 2011

(Headline) Pine River to provide police coverage in Backus

(Headline) Rudlang, Demars lead Tigers in track meet against Staples-Motley

(Headline) Pine River City Council to hire assistant clerk

- Compiled by Travis Grimler, Staff Writer