The Whitefish Area Property Owners Association will hold its annual Shoreland Restoration Open House online via Zoom again this year at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 5.

Three property owners who will be doing new projects in 2021 will give presentations while Kristie Roedl, WAPOA shoreland management director, shares pictures of their properties. This will give property owners an idea of how to start a project.

Healthy shorelines protect property and water quality. Methods used to protect shoreline include use of coir logs or willow wattle at the water’s edge; planting native aquatic vegetation within a few feet of the shore; planting trees and shrubs within a 20- to 25-foot buffer zone along the shoreline; not mowing down to the water’s edge; and/or placing rain gardens and swales on sloping property.

All these methods slow runoff, allowing rainwater to soak into the ground before running into the lake, and prevent water pollution with lawn chemicals, pesticides and eroded soil.

A healthy shoreline prevents loss of property due to erosion caused by wave action and runoff. Aquatic vegetation provides habitat for fish and wildlife, and protects the shoreline from erosion and turbulent wave action.

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For more information about the Shoreland Restoration Open House, contact Roedl at Pre-registration is required.