Arn Kind will return to Pine River to present "Minnesota in the Vietnam War" at noon Saturday, Feb. 29, at the Pine River American Legion.

This multimedia presentation will use PowerPoint, video, music, drama, role-playing and living history experiences to give the audience an understanding of this turbulent time and make history come alive.

The Vietnam War, the longest in American history, cost the nation 56,000 lives, 300,000 wounded, 1,200 missing in action and $141 billion. The program will describe the increasing commitment of each of five American presidents, the rising anti-war protests at home and eventual U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and the lingering tragic effects of a war that had never been declared.

This free Legacy Program is funded in part or in whole with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on Nov. 4, 2008, which dedicated funding to preserve Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage.