Organizers for the many events of Pine River Heritage Days reported healthy crowds at the Thursday-Sunday, Sept. 5-8, event.

Tea at the Station hosted a full crowd of well-dressed ladies, some draped in jewelry for the “Baubles, Bangles and Beads” theme. From family necklaces to a shiny tiara won in a singing competition, attendees were bedecked with shiny conversation starters.

Chamber Director John Wetrosky said the 1830s encampment attracted a crowd with many new faces this year. Among them was Tom Snook and wife who had so much fun at the Aug. 31 Arts Off 84 event that he decided to make an appearance at Heritage Days as well.

The Hobo Stew servers used all but one of six large roasting pans of stew before wrapping up for the day. Judging from years past, they prepared extra and were serving even before the official noon start time this year.

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Never has the First United Methodist Church quilt show packed the upstairs of the church with as many quilts as it did this year, making that event a tangible success as well.