Susan Krook will speak about early Native Americans in the Crosslake area at a 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 18, program at the Crosslake Historic Log Village, sponsored by the Crosslake Area Historical Society.

Krook is on the faculty staff of Normandale Community College in Bloomington as an instructor in the anthropology department. She has studied the Native American population in the Crosslake area and has discovered some interesting facts about very early inhabitants who lived and thrived in the lakes area.

It is no accident that Minnesota had become a well populated region by 1655. The glaciers had melted and left desirable resources for early people who arrived soon afterward and initially subsisted by hunting and gathering for their food. The thousands of lakes that had formed along with accompanying rich soils produced environmental conditions that allowed all animals to thrive and set the stage for humans to flourish equally well.

The program will be held in the livery building at the log village. Plan to stay for a little social after the program to meet and visit with Krook. The public is invited.