After featuring heavily in the 2018 Crow Wing County Sheriff election, Crow Wing County has added a new four legged deputy to the squad with the Nov. 7 addition of Sheriff Scott Goddard's new partner Lincoln from Helping Paws, Inc.

At the time voters were probably picturing dogs with carefully trained sniffers. What they likely didn't expect was a two-and-a-half-year-old yellow Labrador retriever trained to support some of Crow Wing County's most vulnerable citizens.

“He's going to work with our program with the schools and support for our personnel and also for the public,” said Goddard. “Say community services or social services has a client, young or old, they are dealing with in maybe a neglect situation. They do an interview and just to help with progression of the interview and set the tone to have a calming affect for the person being interviewed.”

Lincoln is trained to respond to over 70 commands designed to put people at ease.

Crow Wing County had anticipated costs associated with acquiring a well trained dog like Lincoln, however, Goddard said the county has only been charged fees for equipment and gear that Lincoln arrived with.