Hey there, Tech Savvy fans! So, this week I’m really excited. I’ll be on vacation, so we’re keeping things short and sweet this week and next.

This week I thought I’d share my 10-second experience with the new Samsung Galaxy S4. My wife finally took the smartphone plunge and opted for the (relatively) new S4. I say finally because I’ve been pushing for years now for her to look at making the smartphone switch. We both have pretty busy schedules and this way we will both be able to share our calendars, we can use Google Hangouts when I’m on the road and she will be able to update her blog using the Wordpress Mobile app.

About the same size as the S3, the overall appearance is very similar but with slightly squared off edges. Similar to the other top end phones it has a quad-core processor and 16 GB of internal storage built in.

It has many of the features you’ve come to expect from newer phones - NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and it runs on Android 4.1 Jellybean. Just like the rest of the Galaxy series, you have the Samsung S-Beam available for sharing capabilities and it also comes with the Samsung UI softwares. Personally I’ve always been more of a fan of the HTC Sense UI, however this version of Samsung’s is a marked improvement over previous versions. One other feature that sets it apart is the 13 MP camera, exceeding most others available right now.

In the three days that my wife has had this phone she’s worked out all of the basics and is slowing increasing the apps and programs she is running. This highlights a nice feature that many smartphones have - they are becoming inherently easier to use for the beginner or first time smartphone user.

More to follow as we get more hands-on time with it but out of the box it’s more than adequate as a phone and on par as one of the top candidates for best smartphone on the current market. If you get a chance to check one out I highly recommend it and if you are looking at an upgrade, definitely put this on your short list.


It’s been a while since I included an IMHO, so here goes. My wife’s blog that I mentioned above, www.therookiehomemaker.com, is something she just started. It’s a little bit about what it’s like in our home but one of the main reasons she started the blog was to raise awareness about a company called Trades of Hope. They are an international company and they are a good example of non-tech limitations and then how tech can help them help others. The nutshell version is they offer women in dire situations, often in other countries, jobs to get out of those situations. These women have been abused, brutalized and are often in situations where they will never be able to extricate themselves from the situation without help. Trades of Hope provides them with a customer base to purchase jewelery, purses and other accessories that these women make by hand. The tech part comes in when Trades of Hope uses the Internet, bloggers and other means to raise awareness about their mission and the women that are part of the company. They’re taking non-tech situations and using tech to make it work.