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Crosslake Town Square growth is focus in 2018

Crosswoods Development, LLC announces a renewed focus on Crosslake Town Square this year. Image:

Crosswoods Development, LLC announces a renewed focus on Crosslake Town Square this year.

With new housing projects set to go up around Crosslake Town Square, leasing and ownership efforts will emphasize convenience and a sense of "local connection."

"We're using the Crosslake comprehensive plan and the Minnesota Design Team as our guide for projects," Jim Anderson, owner of Crosswoods Development, said in a news release. "The community and future new housing residents have asked for convenient shopping and eateries within walking distance of each other. We forget that we also have over 180,000 visitors annually from the U.S. Corps of Engineers Campground. That's why we're looking for specialty businesses to give a unique experience to our community as well as our tourists."

Anderson's aim is to give visitors somewhere to go for entertainment when they leave the lakes and trails, though he doesn't want to compete with current businesses on County Road 66.

"But if we can stimulate economic growth for the square, it will provide economic stability for the entire city," he said.

Anderson offers the following guidelines for potential Town Square businesses:

• Quickness: The ability to buy and pay more quickly is important for shoppers who want to save time.

• Personalization: Companies offering highly personalized or tailored products or experiences will be the winners.

• Frictionless payment: Any retail business that can offer an all-around seamless shopping experience will satisfy younger customers. More and more people prefer to pay with their cell phones.

• Small size: Rather than trying to compete with online stores that have an endless inventory, retailers can go small and offer local value.

• Innovation: Forward-thinking retailers are going to find unique ways to boost customer engagement.

Anderson invites those interested in retail opportunities to stop at his office in Crosslake Town Square or to visit