Pequot Lakes again has an ice cream parlor with the Memorial Day opening of Sweet P's Treats in the back of the Fun Sisters building at the corner of Government Drive and Main Street.

Owners Daryl and Patsy Skiba worked to open the shop for approximately a year, finally cutting through all the red tape to open the doors at the beginning of this summer.

“We had this space that was vacant,” Daryl said. “It always had a separate entrance. It was set up as a great retail spot. We were going to figure out what to do with it. We have Fun Sisters, so my wife said we should open an ice cream store.”

Daryl said when he and his wife considered how to use the space, they never really considered anything other than an ice cream shop, considering the city no longer had a traditional ice cream parlor. It was a niche they felt needed filling. To fill that niche, Daryl said they chose to provide a higher end ice cream.

“What's special is we carry Cedar Crest Ice Cream,” Daryl said. “Cedar Crest is a high end, high quality ice cream. We wanted to go with a high end product.”

The shop also carries candies and gifts. Though they missed an important candy show in Chicago this year, the Skibas intend to stock the shop with high end candies as soon as they can find a supplier with more locally made treats.

The Skibas hope the store will not only fill a niche in the town's businesses, but they hope to do their best to engage and represent the community. That's part of their name.

“Sweet P's Treats has many connotations to it,” Daryl said. “My granddaughter is named Penelope, so we call her P or Sweet P. My wife's name is Patsy, Sweet P, and Pequot Lakes is Sweet P, so when we were looking for different names we thought it was a good fit for a lot of different reasons.”

To that end, the ice cream shop will have specials for military and other individuals, happy hour specials and extended hours during the city's various festivities like Bands in the Park.

“We want to be able to capture the audience when we can,” Daryl said. “That's part of being in this market in a resort town in northern Minnesota.”