Pine River real estate broker excited to be an owner again

Pflugshaupt relocated his realty business to former Lundrigan Law Office building in Pine River

CEO Tammy Pflugshaupt, franchise owner Doug Pflugshaupt, office manager Ellie Wright and agent Colleen Bursch are the new team working from the former Lundrigan Law Office. Travis Grimler / Echo Journal

Dan Pflugshaupt is excited about the next leg of his business as a real estate broker since moving into the former Lundrigan Law Office building in Pine River.

For approximately a year, Pflugshaupt rented space in the Sheldon Masonry building, formerly Artisan's Corner, on the corner of Barclay Avenue and Third Street in Pine River.

Before he started working with real estate, Pflugshaupt had already established himself as not only an agent, but a business partner with Dick Kruger, of Kruger Gallery of Homes in Longville, where Pflugshaupt started in 2003.

He worked with Kruger until he decided he wanted to work closer to home, just north of Pine River.

"Our kids go to school in Pine River. Our office was in Longville. Our church was in Hackensack, and we were driving in circles not feeling like we were part of any community," Pflugshaupt said. "We wanted to get invested in Pine River."


That's when he started operating out of Sheldon Masonry.

"It was a good fit," Pflugshaupt said. "We had a real estate office with six fireplaces. It was a showroom for him."

Pflugshaupt was an agent and broker associate with since 2015, but he really wanted to get back to using his broker license. He looked into becoming a franchise owner and moving into a new office.

"Just this last week we got approved by the Commerce Department for our new brokerage and for buying the franchise from Lakeplace," Pflugshaupt said recently.

Pflugshaupt said part of his drive was due to his track record with the company. He says he's been the top producer out of more than 100 other agents in Minnesota and Wisconsin for years.

"I was looking to expand that to the next level," Pflugshaupt said. "Looking for that franchise to be a broker/owner again and build up our company again."

Pflugshaupt has built a team with licensed agent Colleen Bursch, office manager Ellie Wright and CEO Tammy Pflugshaupt making the move with him. He's excited to see what's next.

"We'll see where God brings us from here," Pflugshaupt said.


Pflugshaupt has invested just as planned, not only expanding his business, but becoming a member of the Pine River Economic Development Board and Pine River Chamber of Commerce board. Being part of the community was part of the reason he made the move in December rather than January when his lease was set to expire.

"I did want to participate in the lighting contest and I figured it would be a way to get a little bit of acknowledgement for this building," Pflugshaupt said of his new location.

In addition, the weather was dryer and warmer than what he would have expected in January, so they made the move right away and, sure enough, opened in time to enter the chamber's business lighting contest.

The building has been painted and had furniture moved in. They are still waiting for a sign, but overall, Pflugshaupt is looking forward to being more visible from Highway 371.

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