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Local groups among 39 energy grants

The Clean Energy Resources Teams have announced that Rural Renewable Energy Alliance of Backus and the Crosslake Lutheran Church have been recipient of two of 36 seed grants issued by CERTS in 2018.

CERTS awarded $4,000 to RREAL for their Making Solar Accessible for Habitat for Humanity Households project. The project was designed to help make solar energy more available to Habitat for Humanity homes in the hopes of saving energy costs in households that may alreay struggle with other costs of living.

The project synopsis reads, "Nearly half of American adults experience housing insecurity at some point in their lives due to unpredictable rent prices, moving, and lack of access to affordable housing. Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is working with Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity to make solar energy more accessible and reduce electric bills for a new Habitat homeowner. Every effort made to help reduce energy costs for low-income families is key to the affordability of owning a home."

CERTS also funded a Solar Stewardship program for Crosslake Lutheran Church. CERTS provided $8,400 towrd the project.

The project summary reads, "Solar power, our first source of light and warmth, is the next essential step for Crosslake Lutheran Church (CLC) toward responsible environmental and fiduciary stewardship. Our intent is to conserve our natural environment and be financially responsible serving our church and community. Our solar panel system will have optimal southern roof exposure and will be visible from Route 66, the most highly trafficked thoroughfare in Crosslake. Eighty-seven (87) solar panels will produce 31.32kW to save an estimated $4,223 yearly. Estimated payback is seventeen years. ($8,400)"

These are among the latest in 269 projects funded by CERTS totalling over $1 million since 2006.