Copper Creek Landscaping, just south of downtown Nisswa, is not a new business, per se, but until recently it didn't include a garden center for customers to come and buy plants.

Owner Joe Hall has been doing landscaping since the late 1990s under other business names. In 2011, Hall started Copper Creek Landscaping in Nisswa and it's been building ever since.

“We just came to this location on Highway 371 about two and a half years ago,” said Nicholas Hoffman, designer with Copper Creek. “And then we opened up the garden center in May.”

Naturally, they opened on Mother's Day weekend.

Services are both very broad and very technologically advanced.

“We're kind of a one-stop-shop landscaping company,” Hoffman said. “There's nothing we don't tackle that could be on somebody's property, whether that's outdoor kitchens or anything customer oriented. We do design work too and we have a 3D design program so I can put it into their houses in a program and people can walk around their house and look at a 3D design. It's very realistic and it kind of sets us apart from different landscaping companies in the area.”

Of course, now it includes a shopping space as well.

“So we have everything: perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, herbs, and of course it changes throughout the year,” Hoffman said. “We also do mulch, rock, dirt and gardening stuff you might want. We even have a garden team that can do maintenance for houses and they can set up a schedule for maintenance for the summer weeding and planting and keeping the deer away.”

So far, Copper Creek customers have been impressed with the variety of products available.

“We have a lot of different plants that are maybe rare in the lakes area that people get excited about,” Hoffman said. “And I think the feel and vibe of the place is a little different than your normal greenhouse.”

Hoffman said customers definitely appreciate being able to virtually see everything they need for their yard and garden in one place.

Copper Creek has approximately 35-41 employees at a given time with varying specialties. Like many businesses making big changes this year, Copper Creek did consider postponing opening the new shopping space, but decided to go forward.

“We realized that with so many people being home and with people from the Twin Cities migrating up here, so many people were looking for things to do outside,” Hoffman said. “I think a lot of garden centers were hit hard this spring. People were anxious to get out and had a lot of time on their hands, looking for projects. A lot of people were updating their landscaping and whatnot. So it ended up being a pretty good move.”

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