In the new year, Cody Wills of Backus is taking his 12 years of experience as a licensed mechanic and making that experience more accessible to busy car owners with his new business, AYS (At Your Service) Autocare.

His mechanical repair business is different from many because he brings the tools to his customers.

"I wanted to be more convenient for customers," Wills said. "If people are at work or at home and they need work on their vehicle, we go to them as needed. There is always the option that they can bring it to me if they want, but the reason I started it is to be a convenience when they can't get out of their house or if they don't want to get out of their house."

For those who work the same hours as their mechanic, Wills said his service provides an alternative to taking time off and sitting in a waiting room. AYS is capable of doing many types of service including routine oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, wheel bearings and many motor repairs. There are limits, however, as anything that may take multiple days, disassembly of many small pieces really big jobs require a shop, but AYS still has options for those types of repairs. For those repairs, AYS does have a shop where he can do many jobs that don't require a lift or alignment equipment. For any job he can't do, however, he is prepared to refer out to experienced local shops.

Wills said he became a gearhead thanks to his older brother.

"When I was young, my brother kind of got me started," Wills said. "Then once he got me going I kind of hit the floor running with it. That was around when I was 12 or 13 years old and I started building mud trucks at my mom's house. Since then I've been certified under basically all forums of Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge and some foreign, but mainly domestic."

AYS has one other mechanic currently, but Wills hopes the business will expand throughout his family.

"I have one other employee," Wills said. "I'm kind of shooting for a family business. I have three boys and they are all interested and whenever I'm in the garage, they are out there with me."

Wills offered a similar business briefly in Duluth as a LLC, but with the start of 2019, he will be operating locally in a larger capacity.