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Northland Automotive Repair opens in former DG Towing building

David Herrera is the new name in automotive repair in Pequot Lakes after opening Northland Automotive Repair on the North end of Patriot Avenue.

When the Brainerd property David Herrera was looking at sold, he had to cast his sights elsewhere to find a building to start his automotive business.

"There isn't much out there. I saw this (DG Towing building in Pequot Lakes)," Herrera said. "It's set up almost perfect so we decided to come out here."

Herrera opened Northland Automotive Repair.

The building offered facilities designed to accept vehicles with very little overhead. Herrera is no stranger to automotive repair, so he knew what he was looking for. He had been wrenching on motors since he was a child in Michigan.

"We grew up poor so when we wanted dirt bikes and four-wheelers, we couldn't afford to get one new," Herrera said. "My dad would go to the junk yard and pick one up and say, 'You want to ride it? Fix it.' That's how we all got started. My whole family is into it."

He first worked in a shop at age 16 and has worked in shops all over ever since, even owning a shop in Brainerd many years ago. Most recently he managed a Jiffy Lube, but corporate ownership got him down, so he decided to set out on his own again.

Herrera said low overhead is going to help him keep his labor rate low. He plans to have two employees working under him soon.

The shop is ready to handle most repairs, with few exceptions.

"We do everything here A to Z, except we can't do alignments right now," Herrera said.

The cost of an alignment rack was too much up front, but Herrera said the shop will eventually have one.