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First Day of School Nisswa Elementary

Area students received a warm welcome Tuesday morning when they returned to school for the 2017-18 school year. Temperatures around 50 degrees at Nisswa Elementary School were countered by warm smiles and high-fives from Principal Molly Raske. Raske, in a sailor’s hat, welcomed students to the home of the Lakers. “It’s the best, it’s like Christmas,” Raske said. “It’s my favorite day. I couldn’t sleep last night.” Nisswa serves as a bus transfer station for older students who take a bus to the school before taking another bus to Forestview Middle School or Brainerd High School. Raske joked with a group of fifth-graders who went to Nisswa last year before heading off to Forestview this year. “You guys can’t go to fifth grade, you have to stay here,” Raske said. Stephanie Gulso dropped off her son for his first day of kindergarten Tuesday. He was nervous, she said, but excited, thanks to the three-day kindercamp program. He was able to adjust to school by meeting his teacher and seeing his classroom, she said, before the rush of the first day of school.