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Couple Finds Medallion Two Years In Row

Brainerd couple Eric Ott and Aimee Hintzke -- who also found the medallion last year -- found the medallion under the wooden deck stairway on the side of Building No. 6. Building No. 6 contains the Civil Air Patrol booth selling elephant ears and has the Focal Point Photography Club photo exhibit, on the south side of the fairgrounds. The couple found the medallion only after having one clue: “Hide and seek is what we play, You can search all day. Up above or down below, where’s the medallion? No one knows.” The couple showed up at the fair at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday and read the clue and got to work. “We started walked around looking at all the places it could be and we started thinking about it where it could be,” Ott said. “They seem to like the spidery holes quite a lot. They like to put them in the cobwebs and spiderwebs. I’ll stick my hands in there, I’ll get dirty. Some people don’t like the insects. “I thought it was down here, there are so many places it can be and there are even fewer places where it wouldn’t be. The process of elimination takes down a good number of potential hiding spots.”