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What's Up Outdoors: Ice fishing starts off with a bang

Kyle and Tyler Bahr with the big fish of the day. Photo by Jamie Dietman1 / 2
Jamie Dietman, Kyle Bahr, Tyler Bahr and Cory Jay with their haul of trout. Photo courtesy Jamie Dietman2 / 2

Last week I finally started the ice fishing season and it started off with a bang. Hitting some smaller lakes with a little more solid ice seemed like a good place to start. Luckily the panfish cooperated and the first fish fry of the year really hit the spot.

We found some active fish in 14-17 feet of water and small tungsten jigs tipped with wax worms was the key. Then we were off to chase some trout before the deep freeze hit. As we left Brainerd it was in the mid 20s, then the temperature started dropping and as we pulled into Red Lake it was 14 degrees and a 30 plus wind to boot. I guess the cold front got here a little quicker than I was planning. But the fish didn't seem to care. After looking in the deeper water and not finding much the shallow water holes started to pay off. And then after figuring out what size and color of jig they wanted it was game on. Soon everyone had some nice rainbow trout flopping on the ice. Along with me on this trip was Kyle and Tyler Bahr and Cory Jay. It was the first time for all of them ice fishing for trout, but after finding out how aggressive these fish are I don't think it will be their last.

Have a merry Christmas everyone and good luck on the ice.

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