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Golf Results - August 12, 2017

Crosswoods Men's League

Tuesday, Aug. 1

First place - High Noon: Dave Branum, Roger Klukow, Gene Guthmueller, Jack Sigstad.

First place - Sunrise: Steve Larkin, Dave Schrupp, Dean Tenney, Rich Yeager.

Second place - High Noon: Jack Larson, Jim Mateyka, Palmer Sorensen, Don Jacobson.

Second place - Sunrise: Chet Herrboldt, John Pribyl, Marty Appel, Mic Tchida.

Closest to the pin: Dale Edlefson, Jim Fraser, Jim Ritter.

Longest putt: Dale Edlefson, Roger Coult.

Eagle: Chris Maclennan

Individual low net - High Noon: Dave Branum (30)

Individual low net - Sunrise: Dean Tenney (31)

Player of the day: Dick Sletten (67)

Low gross player: Morgan Berger (78)

Crosswoods Women's 18-Hole League

Monday, July 31

Game of the day: Lone Ranger

First place: Cheryl Tiggelaar, Sandra Melberg, Roseann Stans

Second place: Renee Aden, Thelma Williams, Karen Appel

Birdies: Jackie Tenney and Sandra Melberg, High Noon No. 8; Cheryal Tiggelaar, Sunrise number 2, High Noon number 5.

Low net: Roseann Stans

Low gross: Joey Hodgson

Crosswoods Women's Nine-Hole League

Wednesday, Aug. 2

Tied for first place: Team No. 1, Ardis Thompson and Joan Baker; Team No. 2, Ann Schrupp and Jan McChesney

Second place: Judy Hein and Judy Nicholas

Third place: Marlene Miller and donna Balzer

Birdies: Bonnie Coffey, No. 6

Chip-ins: Reneé Aden, No. 3; Eileen Springer, No. 5

Individual Low Gross: Ann Schrupp

Individual Low Net: Judy Nicholas, Joan Baker

Whitefish Men's League

First place: Bob Beatty, Jerry Moore, Fred Skog and Dale Frandsen.

Second place: Mike Finley, Tom Baker, Gordy Fischer and Warren Kleinsasser.

Third place: Steve Ogren, Jim Thompson, Ed Bontrager and Steve Werner.

Closest to the pin: Mike Finley, Hole 7; Sam Kantos, Hole 12.

Longest putt: John Farrell, Hole 1; Mike Einan, Hole 18.

Whitefish Women's 18-Hole League

Wednesday, Aug. 2

First flight

First place: Cathy Munger, 31

Second place (tie): Debbie Enger and Barb Holubar, 33

Fourth place:Anita Stensby, 34

Second flight

First place: Roxanne Thompson, 30

Second place: Pam Musielewicz, 32

Third place: Dorie Kaleva, 34

Fourth place: Joan Kantos, 35

Third flight

First place: Shari Loechler, 33

Second place: Nancy Schmidt, 34

Third place (tie): Sherrie Adam, Judy Eastwood and Ginny Sitzer, 35.

Birdies: Roxanne Thompson No. 8, Nancy Einan No. 15, Barb Hanson No. 8 & No. 14, Barb Holubar No. 9, and Nancy McEnroe No. 11.

Chip-ins: Carol Germann, No. 14; Pat McKee, No. 9; Nancy Schmidt, No. 13; Joi Brandt, No. 15.

The low net winner for the day was Cathy Munger with a net score of 65.

Whitefish Women's Nine-Hole League

Wednesday, Aug. 2

First Place: Leisha Tietz, 29

Second Place: Stephanie Haider, 30

Third Place: Susan Swanson, 33

Chip-ins: Kathy Keeling, Hole No. 5; Claudia Zellmer, Hole No. 2

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Bill Boyd, Jim Wells, Tom Walker, and Craig Larson

Second place: Gary Majewski, Bill Wroblewski, Roger Brekken, and Bob Ecklund

Third place: Jack Helmen, Ernie Morreim, Don Rodi, and Dick Hubbard

Fourth place: Bill Dehnert, Jerry Hagel, Larry Neer, and Rick Blackmon

Closest to the Pin No. 1: Jack Anderson

Closest Second Shot No. 3: Keith Walker

Longest Putt No. 5: Jerry Hagel

Closest Second Shot No. 9:

Eagle: Jerry Hagel

Tuesday Morning Back Nine League

First Place: Gary Majewski, Rick Blackman, Don Atwater, Mike Oelrich

Second Place: Al Schewe, Jack Helmen, Keith Walker, and Tom Walker

Third Place: Gary Nelson, Bob Ecklund, and Jim Wells

Tuesday Evening Men's League

Closest to the pin No. 11: Randy Bittner

Closest to the pin in 2: Tim Chenevert

Skins: Terry Kincaid (2), Chris Olander, and Terry Blexrud (2)

Wednesday Morning Men's League

Closest to the pin No. 11: Jerry Hagel

Long Putt: Ron Germann

Skins: Dick Willette, Tom Walker, Gary Majewski, Larry Wickstrom, Sheldon Erdman, and Bob Ecklund

Wednesday Evening Women's League

First round flight leaders are: Donna Larson, Sue Degner, and Margo Wojciak

Thursday Morning Women's League

First round of the tournament was rained out.