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Golf Results - June 15, 2017

Crosswoods Mens League

First place - Sunset: Earl Vanhorn, Gary Villella, Gordy Wagner, Jim Wiesner.

First place - High noon: Al Olson, John Pribyl, Lenny Rau, Dave Reier.

Second place - Sunset: Casey, Terry Nygaard, Dave Oleson, Ken Olson.

Second place - High noon: Darrell Sykes, Mic Tchida, Dean Tenney, Darrell Thorvilson.

Closest to the pin: Terry Nygaard, John Ritter, Tanner Kraft, Larry Koenig.

Longest putt: Dave Barnes, Jerry Martin.

Individual low net - Sunset: Gordy Wagner (29)

Individual low net - High noon: Allen Olson (30)

Player of the day: Jerry Martin (62)

Low gross player: Allen Olson (30)

Thursday, June 8

First place - Sunrise: Marty Appel, Gene Guthmueller, Brian Goughnour, Dan Schlapkohl.

First place - Sunset: Marty Appel, Gene Guthmueller, Brian Goughnour, Dan Schlapkohl.

Second place - Sunrise: Tony Coffey, John Pribyl, John Huber, Jim Mateyka.

Second place - Sunset: Terry Nygaard, Jim Fraser, Brian Rettke, Bruce Markey.

Closest to the pin: Jeff Helland, Bob Johnson, Dick Sletten, John Ritter.

Longest putt: Pat Lawrence, John Pribyl.

Individual low net - Sunrise: Marty Appel (30)

Individual low net - Sunset: Terry Nygaard (24)

Player of the day: Terry Nygaard (57)

Low gross player: Steve Larkin (75)

Crosswoods Women's League

18-Hole League - Monday June 5

First place: Tracy Nelson, Beryl Roe, Lila Kersey.

Second place: Ardis Thompson, Nancy Barnes, Michel Kohler.

Birdies: Tracy Nelson, Beryl Roe (2)

Chip-in: Tracy Nelson.

Individual low net: Lila Kersey.

Individual low gross: Tracy Nelson.

9-Hole League - Wednesday, June 7

First place: Ann Schrupp, Renee Aden, Vicki Nygaard, Roseann Stans.

Second place: Sue Mitsch, Joey Hodgson, Judy Nicholas, Marlene Miller.

Third place: Dana Thorvison, Bonnie Coffey, Lila Kersey, Pam Cunningham.

Longest putt: Cincy Vanhorn.

Closest to the pin: Cincy Vanhorn.

Closest to the line: Sandra Melberg.

Cragun's Ladies League

Longest drive on No. 8: Hannah Moen

Longest putt on Hole No. 10: Meriel Park

Longest Drive on Hole No. 12: Sarah Swenson

Par 3 Course:

Longest Putt on Hole No. 1: Brenda Miller

Closest to the pin on Hole No. 9: Michelle Stenglein

Breezy Point Ladies League

Thursday, June 8

The format was an individual game called "Lucky 7."

Flight A - First place (tie): Kathy McTague and Sue Skinner; Second place: Verna Miller; Third place: Joi Brandt.

Flight B: First place: Martha Polsfuss; Second place: Gloria Thomas; Third place: Ruth Klukow.

Flight C: First place: Polly Aumock; Second place (tie): Janie Pommer and Sylvia Schmitt; Third place: Judy Jensen.

Whitefish Women's 18-Hole League

Wednesday, June 7

In the first flight, first place went to Barb Holubar, with a tie for Maxine Riches and Nancy McEnroe.

Second flight winners were first place Myra Faust, second, Roxanne Thompson, and third, Diane Giefer.

Third flight saw a first place tie between Nancy Schmidt and Enga Wodziak, second to Joi Brandt.

The fourth flight first place winner was Judy Eastwood, second Shari Loechler, and third, Cheryl Stansfield.

Low net for the day went to Judy Eastwood with a net score of 66.

There were two birdies, Barb Hanson on hole 17 and Pat Kline on hole 15. Pat also had a chip-in on hole 15.

Whitefish Women's 9-Hole League

Wednesday, June 7

Golfers played an individual "Odd Ball" game. The winners had the best net scores on the odd numbered holes.

First Place: Karen Lobben (13)

Second Place: Julie Achterkirch (15)

Third Place: Nelly Carnahan (17)

Low Net: Karen Lobben (23)

Chip-ins: Pat Montgomery, Hole No. 6, Carol Lindahl, Hole No. 7, Kathy Keeling, Hole No. 6

Birdies: Karen Lobben, Hole No. 6, Nelly Carnahan, Hole No. 7

Low Putts (14 or less): Pat Montgomery, 12; Connie Foster, 12; Kathy Keeling, 14.

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men's League

First place: Craig Larson, Jerry Hagel, Dick Blevins, Jim Schallman

Second place: Pat O'Conner, Paul Jensen, Lovell Baker, Erne Morreim

Third place: Milt Beyer, Jerry Johnson, Bruce Nelson, Keith Walker

Fourth place: Don Atwater, Willis Berndt, Barry Knox, Jim Wells

Closest to the Pin No. 1: Jack Helmen

Closest Second Shot No. 3: Pat O'Conner

Longest Putt No. 5: Lovell Baker

Closest Second Shot No. 9: Milt Beyer

Chip-ins: Jim Wells, and Bruce Nelson

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First Place: Charlie Peterson, Rick Blackmon, Gary Nelson Bob Ecklund

Second Place: Dick Blevins, Paul Jensen, Jerry Hagel

Third place: Jack Helmen, Don Atwater, Ernie Morreim, Craig Larson

Wednesday Evening Women's League

Play Of The Day: Most 4's on all holes

Winners: Carol Germann, Patsy Bernhjelm, Jane Mckinley, Charly Richters, Shirley Midthun, Marianne Auge, Cindy Grolla

Chip-ins: Carol German No. 6, Shirley Midthun No. 4

Thursday Morning Women's League

Play of the day: Reverse your score (Lowest wins)

Winners: Eileen Jensen, Barb Heck, Mikie Walker.

Chip-ins: Karla Blevins No. 5

Play Of The Day: First on the Green on No. 3

Winners: Karla Blevins, Linda Machen, Barb Schewe, Nancy Kruse.


Donald Constable of Minnetonka aced the par-three, 204-yard 12th hole at the Classic at Maddens with a 4-iron on Wednesday, May 30.