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Golf leagues - August 21

The Crosswoods Women’s League hosted its 18-hole Par 3 ParTee on Friday, Aug. 8, on the Par 3 course.Submitted Photo1 / 2
The Crosswoods Women’s League hosted its 18-hole Par 3 ParTee on Friday, Aug. 8, on the Par 3 course.Submitted Photo2 / 2

Whitefish Women 18-Hole

The Whitefish Women's 18-Hole League held its league championship Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug 12-13, with 26 players comprising five flights. Scores were totaled for the two days of play on both a gross and net basis.

In the first flight, Cathy Munger took the overall low gross with 165 with rounds of 83 and 82, followed closely by Barb Hanson with second low gross with 169 and rounds of 78 and 91. Maxine Riches recorded low net in her flight with 151.

In Flight B, the low gross went to Helen McGrath with 177. Barb Holubar had first low net with 139, and Mimi Swanson took second low net with 144.

In Flight C, Nancy Schmidt took low gross with 177. Cheryl Bontrager claimed first low net with 148, followed by Joan Kantos with second low net of 150.

Myra Faust claimed low gross in Flight D with 194. First low net went to Mary Kay Kendall with 148, and second low net went to Diane Giefer with 151.

Shari Loecher tied Carol Germann with low gross of 201, but Loecher won the tiebreaker, using the last day's score, to win. Cheryl Stansfield took first low net with 144, and Connie Weber took second low net with 146.

On Aug. 12, Munger, Roden, Thompson, McGrath and Schmidt carded birdies. On Aug. 13, Swanson, Holubar and Schmidt recorded birdies.

The only chip-in marked went to Enga Wodziak on Day 2.

Awards will be presented to the winners of all of the leagues at the Awards and Bon Voyage dinner on Sept. 8.

Whitefish Women 9-Hole

The Whitefish Golf Club sponsored an all-league women's and men's two-day championship tournament Aug. 12-13 with two separate winning categories: overall low gross and individual low net scores. The ladies were flighted according to their handicaps. Winners were:

League champion (low gross score), Carol Lovro.

Flight 1: first place low net, Sue Loechler; second, Gini Moberg; third, Linda Carpenter.

Flight 2: first place low net, Connie Foster; second, Mary Erickson; third, Susan Beilfuss.

Flight 3: first place low net, Sharon Chupurdia; second, Marge Weigel; third, Jane Kleinsasser.

Crosswoods Men's League

Dave Barnes was player of the day Aug. 12 in Crosswoods Men's League action with a low net 65. Game of the day was "team low net." Dale Erickson had the individual low net on the front nine with 32, and Ed Kellogg on the back nine with 29.

First-place teams were Chet Herrboldt, Loyal Meech, Jim Fraser and John Pribyl on the front nine, and Dick Sletten, Roger Coult, Al Olson and Dale Stevens on the back nine. Placing second were the teams of Lyle Monson, Ralph Lewis, Pat McAlpine and Barnes, and Dan Davis, John Antos, Gerry Frane and Kellogg.

Steve Laak and Erickson were closest to the pin. Ray Elie and Pribyl had the longest putts. Davis and Kellogg had chip-ins for birdies.

Aug. 14, Doug Steck was player of the day with a low net of 58. He also had the individual low net on the front nine with 26, and Randy Kraft won the back nine with 29. Game of the day was "2 best balls of 4."

First-place teams were Larry Koenig, Dave Branum, Fraser and Kraft on the front nine, and Ken Olsen, Marty Appel, McAlpine and Coult on the back nine. Taking second were the teams of Al Stans, Don Rother, Steck and Palmer Sorensen on the front nine, and Jay Wiltrout, Dan Schlapkohl, Monson and Jim Mateyka on the back nine.

Schlapkohl and Fraser were closest to the pin. Fraser and Bob Johnson had the longest putts. Olsen had a chip-in birdie.

Crosswoods Women

The Crosswoods Women's League hosted its 18-hole Par 3 ParTee on Friday, Aug. 8, on the Par 3 course.

First prize for the first 9 holes went to Gloria Dalbec, who had the lowest score. The second time around the course the women played "lagging," and Marsha Schoeb won with the highest score. Judy Nicholas won a prize for a hole-in-one.

Ann Schrupp won the prize for overall birdies and chip-ins for 18 holes. Harriet Smith had the most chip-ins the first time around the course, and Sue Farrell had the most chip-ins the second time around.

The Pitty Party Traveling Pig award went to Nancy Stevens.

Fairways at Howard's Barn Women

The Fairways at Howard's Barn Women's League met Tuesday, Aug. 12, for league play. Marlene Yurek was closest to Mickey on hole No. 2, Helen Blatz was closest to the pin on hole No. 5 and Pat Rauenhorst had the longest putt on 9.

Carol Lieske reported one chip-in and Helen Silva two chip-ins. Silva also had a birdie.

The annual two-day golf tournament started Aug.19 and continues Aug. 26, followed by the annual fall luncheon in September.

Black Bear League

The Black Bear Ladies 9-Hole Golf League played the game "reverse your score, closest to the line and closest to the pin" with Mary Jane Reagan taking first place and Carol Lovro placing second for the reverse your score.

Gloria Taylor won closest to the line and Eileen Springer won closest to the pin. Taylor also won low putts.

Emily Greens

League results for the week of Aug. 12:

Tuesday Morning Men's League, 8:30 a.m.

First, Elmer Johnson, Jack Anderson, Cy Kruse and Bruce Nelson; second, Ron Germann, Jerry Hagel, Charlie Peterson and Tom Walker; third, Gene Jensen, Don Atwater, Gordy Holmgren and Dave Schwarze; fourth, Pete Ziegler, Jim Schallman, Gary Nelson and Bob Ecklund.

Nelson, Tim Donnay and Schwarze were closest to the pin. Atwater had the longest putt. Anderson, Atwater, Al Schewe, Gary Majewski and Germann had chip-ins.

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League, 10:30 a.m.

First, Larry Wickstrom, Pete Ziegler, Larry Neer and Bob Ecklund; second, Jerry Hagel, Bill Dehnert, Gary Majewski and Tom Walker.

Ladies leagues are in the middle of their season-ending tournaments.


Craig Morris of Austin, Texas, aced the 130-yard seventh hole of The Lakes course at Grand View Lodge on Aug. 13 using a pitching wedge.