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NLC announces all-conference team

The Northern Lights Conference announced its all-conference squad Sunday.

AJ Hull of medium-schools First National Bowl champion Kenai Central was named the offensive player of the year. Hull made the first team at quarterback, return specialist, defensive back and punter.

Auston Tennis of conference champion Soldotna was named the defensive player of the year. Tennis made the first team at halfback and defensive back.

Drew Raymond of conference runner-up Homer was the lineman of the year. Raymond made first team at guard and interior lineman.

Homer's Cam Wyatt was named coach of the year, while the assistant coaches of the year were Homer's Pete Swanson and Kenai's James Dawson.

The rest of the honorees follow:

Northern Lights Conference All-Conference

Offensive player of the year - AJ Hull, Kenai.

Defensive player of the year - Auston Tennis, Soldotna.

Lineman of the year - Drew Raymond, Homer.

Coach of the year - Cam Wyatt, Homer.

Assistant coaches of the year - Pete Swanson, Homer; James Dawson, Kenai.


First team

Quarterback - AJ Hull, Kenai.

Halfback - Auston Tennis, Soldotna; Dyllan Day, Homer.

Fullback - Tyler Barron, Houston.

Wide receiver - Colton Young, Soldotna; Albert White, Skyview.

Tight end - Garrett Bosick, Soldotna.

Tackle - Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna; Alex Nason, Kenai.

Guard - Daniel Carlson, Kenai; Drew Raymond, Homer.

Center - Cody Clendenen, Skyview.

Long snapper - Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna.

Kicker - Jake Wells, Houston.

Return specialist - AJ Hull, Kenai.

Second team

Quarterback - Noah Fowler, Soldotna.

Halfback - Reid Schmelzenbach, Soldotna; Joe Sandahl, Kenai.

Fullback - Jared Duncan, Soldotna.

Wide receiver - Jake Wells, Houston; Tory Fitzpatrick, Kenai.

Tight end - Colton Buzby, Houston.

Tackle - DJ Diaz, Skyview; Phillip Pease, Houston.

Guard - Jarrett Urban, Soldotna; Joeben Hawkins, Skyview; Kyle Dougherty, Kenai.

Center - Todd Lee, Houston.

Long snapper - Alex Nason, Kenai.

Kicker - Cameron Grothe, Soldotna.

Return specialist - Albert White, Skyview.

Honorable mention

Quarterback - Robin Glosser, Homer.

Halfback - Charlie Johnson, Kodiak; Hoss Frank, Homer.

Fullback - Taylor Downes, Homer; Jasen Suonvieri, Skyview.

Wide receiver - Richard Reynolds, Skyview; Erik Rosencrans, Homer.

Tight end - Devon Kennelty, Homer.

Tackle - Joe Resetarits, Homer.

Guard - Jake Davis, Houston.

Center - Jingo Oleas, Kodiak.

Long snapper - Alex Rodriguez, Skyview.


First team

Outside linebacker - Garrett Bosick, Soldotna; Albert White, Skyview.

Inside linebacker - Zane Miller, Soldotna; Kyle Dougherty, Kenai.

Defensive backs - Auston Tennis, Soldotna; AJ Hull, Kenai; Robin Glosser, Homer.

Interior linemen - Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna; Alex Rodriguez, Skyview; Alex Nason, Kenai; Drew Raymond, Homer.

Punter - AJ Hull, Kenai.

Utility player - Cody Williams, Skyview.

Second team

Outside linebacker - Darren Aitolu, Kodiak; Brad Smithwick, Kenai.

Inside linebacker - Jared Duncan, Soldotna; Chris Parson, Kodiak; Joe Resetarits, Homer.

Defensive backs - Colton Young, Soldotna; Tanner Fowler, Soldotna; Jake Wells, Houston.

Interior linemen - Jon Alexander, Skyview; Phillip Pease, Houston; Zac Fraley, Homer.

Punter - Beau Frank, Houston.

Utility player - Josh Jansen, Soldotna.

Honorable mention

Outside linebacker - Troy Streiff, Soldotna; Colton Buzby, Houston; Charlie Buzby, Houston; Hoss Frank, Homer; Mark McGregor, Homer.

Inside linebacker - Charlie Johnson, Kodiak; Jasen Suonvieri, Skyview.

Defensive backs - Justin Goff, Kodiak; Dyllan Day, Homer; Kyle Pietro, Skyview.

Interior linemen - Conner Murphy, Kodiak; Jingo Olease, Kodiak; DJ Diaz, Skyview; CJ Chypers, Houston; Garet Moyer, Homer.

Utility player - Travis Smith, Homer.