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Letter to the editor: Put new spending up for a vote

I have been living in Pequot Lakes since I was a young lad. I ran for city council and lost because at the last minute a current council member asked his neighbor to run because, in my opinion, he knew I was fiscally conservative and disagreed wholeheartedly about the new tax and spend approach of governing he wanted.

Now that the city has been bypassed they want to make up for the lost visitors by using the taxpayers as leverage again for the council's pet projects. I went to the meetings with a huge majority against the proposed splash pad and $3.5 million landscaping plan. I'm asking the local citizens to make their voice heard we want this non-democratic form of tax and spend local government to end or go forward with a referendum. I no longer attend meetings as I spoke publicly 3 of the council members do not care about the citizens and just there pet projects. Let's do our civic duty and replace the mayor and a few council members and find some folks who have an ear to listen and address the needs of it's people, not the wants and desires of a

few elected officials. Hopefully in the future each citizen will contact the candidates and hear what they want to do so the vote isn't just on name recognition but a open and transparent agenda.

Jason Baca

Pequot Lakes