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Letter to the editor: Democracy or tyranny?

In a recent letter, Mr. Grussing urges people to support a new amendment that would outlaw political donations from corporations.

There is no reference to banning donations from unions, so they must believe unions should have unfettered donations to influence politicians.

Does MTA also want to limit personal donations from very wealthy people such as George Soros or just those wealthy people that support conservative views?

I encourage people to research MTA to see who is involved and endorses this effort. It includes unions such as AFL-CIO, Progressive Democrats of America, Democratic Socialists, people involved in the Occupy movement, Green Party, Sierra Club, etc. Most any left-wing group can be found in the listing.

Essentially what they are pushing for is that only those people and organizations that follow a left-wing progressive viewpoint should be heard and involved in democracy so they can eventually destroy democracy and replace it with socialism.

No representation from corporations or the people they employ. Imagine union negotiations where the unions present its demands and the corporation is not allowed to speak but can merely accept the demands. That is not democracy, that is tyranny.

Dale Probasco,