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Letter to the editor: Time to howl

We once had a German shepherd named Nicky. Whenever she heard a siren of any type, she would immediately go down on her haunches, nose pointed into the air, and let out the most mournful howl because the siren's noise hurt her ears.

Sometimes I feel like doing the same with the never-ending barrage of noise coming from 95 percent of the media. They are constantly harping on some insignificant thing President Trump has done or said rather than reporting the actual news.

More people have mentioned to me they are having great difficulty watching, listening or reading the news because of the constant negativity.

Instead of covering the issues Trump has discussed with world leaders, the media prefer to find only negative tidbits to report. For example, when President Trump visited Japan, he was shown with the Japanese leader feeding fish in a pond. Naturally, the press edited out what actually happened by only showing Trump dumping his box of feed into the pond. The immediate headlines were "President Trump overfeeds the fish."

Not a word as to what he and the Japanese leader discussed because that would have been too boring. Isn't it ironic the press completely ignored when President Obama mentioned visiting all 57 states or when he took time to announce the beheading of an American by the terrorists but six minutes later was on the golf links?

Of course, anything negative about Obama was taboo. What a contrast from today. It has become more clear the priorities of the far left and some members of Congress, from both sides of the aisle, are only about themselves along with the Clintons, who seem to be the untouchables.

In the end, they and the media will reap what they sow. Then it will be time to howl.

Dolores Zaske,

Pine River