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Letter to the editor: Trump will end

Donald Trump installed former military man Michael Flynn to our highest, most trusted position in terms of national security.

President Obama had done the right thing in getting rid of Flynn (in 2014?) and in warning Trump when he was handed the reins to beware of Flynn; Flynn was "dirty."

Trump, consistent with his arrogance, brushed President Obama off; "I know more than the generals," Trump pathetically often boasted. What a jerk.

Mr. Trump's entire life has been one of boasting, dirty dealing and trampling of others. His inherited money allowed him to be an overbearing bully, running roughshod over much around him.

Trump's start in life was so unfortunate, for which he can't be blamed. But at some points during his long life he should've seen the signs that beliefs he was raised with were wrong and changed the course of his life.

But he's such a weak person he remained under the addiction of bullying. He was shipped off to boarding (residential) school for the wealthy at around age 13, and developmentally he's never moved beyond 13.

Now the chickens (or turkeys) are coming home to roost. Flynn will be cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the Beverly Hillbullies (misspelling intended) style clan that followed Trump into our White House will rightfully be exposed and gone. There's no joy in this, only relief.

We can save what's left of our democracy/republic, or we can have such an abhorrent aberration as Mr. Trump. We simply can't have both. Trump and freedom can't exist side by side.

When this is all over, we might consider a monument to Robert Mueller after he passes on. He will have saved our nation. Maybe one of the lesser of the four faces on Mount Rushmore could be re-carved in Mueller's image.

A. Martin,