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Alaskans capable of taking care of Alaska

After watching the dialogue between our Congressman Don Young and Professor Brinkley from Texas, it becomes clear on what others think about Alaskans.

We are just backward folk who need the direction from those smart people from the Lower 48.

Why is it that Professor Brinkley, from Texas, a State where the people control 98% of their land should have a say about how Alaskans should control our land?

Texans control 98% of their land while Alaskans control only 30% of our land. Why does Texas have 2% of their land controlled by federal occupation forces and Alaska has 70% of our land controled by federal forces of occupation?

Must be we are not smart enough to keep our land safe. Texans are much smarter and they have control of their land. Only the federal government can keep the land safe from us simpletons in Alaska.

Look to history on how Alaskans foolishly exploited our resources. We are not smart enough to control our own land.

In 1976, the people through their State Legislature passed a law mandating double-hulled tankers in Alaskans waters. While the federal government ignored this standard the oil companies took Alaska to Court and had Alaskans lose control of protecting our waters.

Now 40 years later the federal government is mandating what Alaskans wanted in 1976.

Alaskans are smart enough to control our land as Texans do. When will we demand equal status as a State and drive the federal occupation forces out of our land?