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Help along highway appreciated

I would like to thank the people who helped me Monday July 25 when my wheel fell off of my car at the corner of K-Beach and the Sterling Highway at Mile 110 Kasilof.

Thank you to the young man who appeared out of no where to pick up my wheel and move it out of the way and to ask me repeatedly if I was okay and to turn my flashers on.

Thanks to the truck driver and all those who were behind him for your patience while I picked up my lug nuts.

Thank you to the trooper who stopped to make sure that I was okay even tho you were on your way to a fatal accident in Ninilchik.

And last I would like to thank the lady in the white SUV that was traveling north on the Sterling Highway who pulled over to see if I needed any help.

Once again, thanks to all involved for your patience and kindness. It did not go unnoticed.