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Japan relief contributions appreciated

We would like to thank the many residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough who contributed to the relief funds collected on behalf of our Sister City — Akita, Japan, in response to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, which impacted the northeast portion of Japan. Donations to our Sister City were received through Bridges. We were very pleased to be able to wire the $3,010 to Mayor Motomu Hozumi of Akita, Japan.

In a letter dated August 4th, 2011, recently received from Mayor Hozumi, he wrote: “On behalf of the entire Akita City, I would like to express our special thanks for the donation from the citizens of Kenai Peninsula Borough who would support and share the humanity as inhabitants in the same world.”

I would like to thank Bridges for their involvement in collection of the funds and the many supporters of our Sister City – Akita, Japan, who without them, we could not have provided this important donation, in their time of need.