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Letter to the Editor: Learn the facts before you vote

The political season has started and with ads from the House Majority PAC (HMP) basically saying that Stewart Mills is bad because he was born into a family that created and grew a successful business and hires thousands of people in Minnesota who have reaped the rewards of their hard work.

This same group has ads attacking the Koch Brothers as well, seemingly because of their success.

I remember a time in this country when we celebrated success and people wanted to emulate successful people.

Interestingly the HMP gets their money from billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer. I did not see HMP being concerned about the inherited wealth of Governor Dayton. I guess wealthy people are OK as long as they give to the Democrats but not those who support smaller government and self-reliance, the very principles that built this great country.

Rick Nolan does not run these ads but has never spoken out against them. Rick Nolan supports a full government takeover of the health care system that would outlaw for-profit health care systems and most insurance companies and allow non-citizens to get this healthcare just like a citizen does, which we will pay for in our taxes.

In short, Rick Nolan fully supports most everything Obama supports. If you are concerned about Obama granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, then don't vote for Nolan since he will support whatever Obama does.

In this upcoming election I encourage people to get off their backside and learn about facts versus hyperbole run by groups on either side of the political spectrum.

Our country and her future deserve at least a modest if not robust effort to learn the facts and become educated on the issues before you vote.

Dale Probasco,