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Letters to the Editor: Support and appreciate local companies

Drive out Highway 3 one and a half miles from downtown Merrifield and you will find a company called Clow Stamping. They are a perfect example of the many thousands of businesses large and small in Minnesota and the USA that are loyal to their employees.

They moved to Merrifield in the early '70s from the Twin Cities with less than 10 employees. They now have 450 full-time employees. They pay above average wages, have paid health care for their employees and family, paid disability insurance for employees and their family, a 401K program, a liberal vacation and sick leave policy.

They have second and some third generation employees, and activities for the families throughout the year.

They do business with some of the largest companies in the USA and abroad. In 2013 they were awarded the Outstanding Manufacturer under 500 employees for all John Deere agriculture and turf companies. Go into their lunch room and see how many employees are pictured with more than 20 years seniority, some with more than 40 years.

Minnesota and the USA have hundreds of thousands of large and small companies that have this same loyalty and are wonderful to work for.

These are the same companies and their employees that are paying the taxes so folks that don't or can't work receive the benefits the state and federal government provide.

Support them and be thankful for them.

Paul Schroeder,

Pine River