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Letters to the Editor: Five reasons why I am running for Crosslake mayor

My name is Darrin Mitchell. This year I am one of three candidates running for mayor of Crosslake. One candidate is our current mayor, who at age 78 has already served two terms, and a city council member who is not renewing his seat.

The third is myself. I am 52, a conservative and a registered Republican.

Today I would like to take this opportunity to tell you five reasons why I am running to become the new mayor of Crosslake.

1. As your new mayor it would be my first priority to foster a better way of communication with the citizens of Crosslake by using social media and our local newspapers to openly communicate the monthly actions of the city council and to encourage a more open discussion on important matters to the city.

2. As your new mayor I would host a monthly meeting to meet with our local constituents to discuss city business and to be available to address the concerns of individual citizens.

3. As your new mayor I would also host a monthly meeting to meet with Crosslake business owners to find out what the city could do to promote the support of local businesses.

4. As your new mayor I would explore and consider implementing what other cities in Minnesota have done to offer incentives to draw new businesses to move to Crosslake.

5. As your new mayor I will be a goodwill ambassador of our city. I will attend local community monthly meetings and events to help promote community growth and involvement.

If you elect me as the new mayor of Crosslake I recognize that I am being hired to serve "We The People" and I pledge to give this job my best and hope that I can earn your vote on election day.

Darrin Mitchell,

Candidate for Crosslake mayor