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Letters to the Editor: A. Martin's thoughts about business

Mr. Martin, you have the two requirements for a successful business backward and incomplete.

First, you need an individual (or more) with a good idea. Next, a good business plan, which includes all aspects of the business, including what the product will be, where the business will do well, what the physical plant will be, how many employees needed, a plan for hiring trained employees and/or a training plan to prepare employees for work.

Many other things are necessary, most importantly the financial capital to get the business up and running. The second would be finding folks to employ who would fill the needs for and definition of good employees.

Next, neither you nor anyone else I know can put forth 110 percent effort! I know of no employer who would not be delighted to have employees who actually gave close to 100 percent effort.

In this day most employers would be happy to find employees who have not been taught to be so self-centered as to not think that they are owed a position, wage and benefits for doing next to nothing.

The purpose of the business is to make money for the owner(s) and to provide a fair wage and, possibly, benefits for the employees. You did note that financial capital was an essential in getting the business under way and our great country is classed as a capitalistic society, not as a socialist or Marxist society, as you seem to prefer.

In conclusion, you seem to have been watching some "sound bite" commercials about someone being "personally offended about redistribution of wealth" and paying a "fair share" of taxes. Do some research and see who actually said in total; what, where and when on those points.

You will again find that you do not know what you are talking about!

George Selvestra,

Pequot Lakes