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Marching ambassadors

I've always felt that any time you have federal, state or small-town special events or holidays with a participating marching band, especially at a small community event, it does more for public relations and good will than one can imagine.

It's often been said that without a band, you don't have a parade. This is where the Pequot Lakes marching band comes in when they go to other towns for their activities, whatever they might be.

Over the years they have participated when others haven't, and I know this for a fact. That's why we as the color guard from Pequot Lakes American Legion Post #49, who also participate in a number of parades in the area, take notice to the compliments we hear from other Legion members and people in general.

We take pride in what we see and hear of the band, so I'm passing this on to the people in the community and the Pequot Lakes High School administration and system.

What great ambassadors they are and what a positive image they are to us all. Great job, Mike Sommerness, for what you and the kids do. You're great for the community. Thanks!

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes Post #49 Legion

and Color Guard