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Couple concerned about rented lake home

We are concerned and frustrated lake home owners in Ideal Township next to a very visible neighbor who purchased his lake home for investment rental purposes, renting weekly all summer with a new group change every weekend.

We bought our lake home in Ideal Township almost three years ago. Is it a gamble if you're stuck with this problem once you purchase? The truth was not told to us when we inquired about this exact thing before we purchased our property.

Our townships and city councils need to have regulations in place regarding rental practices. If we wanted to live/purchase next to a bed and breakfast or hotel, we could've purchased accordingly.

There are constantly three to six vehicles in the driveway along with one to two boat trailers where there's only room for three units without parking or driving on the grass. The renters have barking dogs that run free and have pooped on our property without picking it up. There's extra noise, stinky garbage, traffic plus safety concerns for children.

A lake home two doors down was purchased last summer by out-of-staters. The new owners are renting it out also, causing the same problems.

Who is promoting this practice? Breezy Point has a four-times-per-year limit on private properties being rented out. Crosslake used to have a three-times-per-year limit but reversed that ordinance.

Our neighbor owned a place on Cross Lake but sold it and bought his current place because Crosslake had the three-times-per year rental restriction. Crosslake people need to be aware of their council's decisions.

Will our property values be affected from this?

Regulations need to be in place to stop investors from buying lake homes for rental purposes only. Contact your local city councils or mayors to voice your concerns.

Bob and Mary Kvam,

Pequot Lakes (Ideal Township)