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Crosslake council changes definition of residential zoning

Until this Crosslake council modified the city's land use ordinance there was a restriction on renting a residence in a residential zone. Owners were limited to a maximum of three rentals a year.

The underlying reason was to prevent residential zones from becoming commercial rental areas and letting a residence perform like a motel. Most residents (particularly lakeshore residents) did not want neighboring properties being rented on a daily or weekly basis.

The current council in its most recent series of ordinance changes eliminated any prohibition on renting activity in residential zones. This opens up the ability of absent landlords to buy properties and advertise them for rent on a daily basis. It opens up the possibility of renters using the lake without any regard to potential ecological damage or disruption of a permanent resident's quiet enjoyment of their property.

This is the latest example of the current council's favoring real estate companies, contractors and developers over summer and permanent residents.

Dick Dietz,