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Sidewalks in Pequot? One-way street?

The city council of Pequot has developed a plan to include with a project to repair the sewer problem on Washington Avenue, the total cost of which will exceed $250,000.

The city council decided, without any consideration to residents of the block, to add some Minneapolis flavor to this project. Their final decision for the one-block project will be to make the street a one-way going north.

They will add curbs, sidewalks, retaining wall with benches inset, street lamps at a cost of $1,500 each, benches at a cost of $2,500 each, on the corners. Costs may not be accurate but close.

Do we need this extra service done or should "fix the sewer" be sufficient?

Our concern is not only the removal of our fence, arbor, bushes and flowers, but the closeness of the walk to the large oak and pine trees in the yard. The walk will be within feet of the base of these trees.

We also wonder why the need for extra parking spaces. We have lived here for more than 15 years and have never seen, except for Bean Hole Days and the Fourth of July and maybe a few more days in the year, the lack of parking spaces. Maybe Sunday morning for three or four hours during breakfast hours.

Our mayor said to us she would like to see curbs and sidewalks throughout Pequot, one block at a time. It may reach your property sooner than you think. We will not be assessed for this project because of the sewer work, but be sure that you will be charged when it comes to your property.

I'll close with those famous words: "Well, that's what's on my mind."

Peter and Jean Herzog,

Pequot Lakes