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Who will be next to leave Crosslake?

When the present Crosslake City Council was elected, council members proclaimed they had a mandate to make significant changes in city government. So far they have fired or eliminated the incumbents for city attorney, city administrator, city clerk and the entire planning and zoning staff.

Councilman Wessels proclaimed the city was too small to need an administrator. However, after eliminating the administrator the council evidently had reservations on how to govern the city. Consequently, they hired a consultant to be "acting" city administrator and a finance director to aid the "acting" city administrator.

It appears it takes two people to replace the administrator they eliminated.

Now they have hired a consultant from the East to study Crosslake Communications for a fee of $40,000 and another consultant for $4,000 a month to survey their customers. It appears to me that Crosslake Communications is the next entity to leave the city or some of its employees are in danger of being eliminated.

One of their employees has just resigned. This employee is one of the public's favorite as he gives important and useful computer seminars and is always helpful in solving citizens' computer problems.

How many Crosslake employees are worried about their future with the city and have their resumes out?

Who is next? Is it the community center, the police department or who?

Dick Dietz,