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What to believe?

Climate deniers, creationists, etc. Who and what to believe? And that's the key word, "believe."

I believe I have more than $1,000,000 in my billfold. However, if I believe in numbers and counting - oops, "believe" is the wrong word.

If I "accept" numbers and counting, I have $56.12. If someone doesn't think that's right, they can count it also. If they don't come up with the same amount, we can work on it to resolve the difference. Other people can count the money, too.

Maybe someone comes up with $56.11, and I still claim it's $56.12. It turns out I count a Canadian penny, but they don't. The issue is resolved.

I can still "believe" I have $1,000,000 if I want, but others most likely aren't going to agree. Some will believe I have much less than $1,000,000, some that I have more; whatever I tell them!

This is sort of like the difference between science and religion. Science agrees on a set of rules (numbers and counting); with religion we can believe whatever we can dream up. Many centuries ago, people dreamed up ideas that they wrote down (Bible). Some believe they're the (inspired) word of God. Some don't.

In more recent times, these words were added to, and deleted from, and became Mormon faith. In even more recent times, Scientology was "created." Some think they're "inspired" words also; some don't.

If I need brain surgery, or a projection on climate change, I'm going to find a doctor or scientist in that field. I'm not going to put my fate in the hands of a politician needing campaign funds, or the owners of a large oil company, even if they do contribute to PBS.

Whether brain surgery or planetary future, I'm going with the $56.12, not the $1,000,000.

A. Martin,