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Questionable action in Nisswa

Things at the Nisswa City Council are getting more interesting day by day. Perhaps "interesting" is not the right word; confusing, disappointing and outright dismay would be more appropriate.

Case in point was action (or inaction) taken by the council on June 18 on a recommendation by the city planning commission to appoint Nisswa resident Fred Heidmann to an open position on the commission.

Mr. Heidmann was interviewed by members of the commission and newly appointed city council member Gregg Sellner, and recommended without dissent for the position, which needed council approval.

By the way, Fred had served on the planning commission before and also had been its chair, so he was not a "newbie" to the city or the duties of the position.

Mayor Lehman immediately said he wanted to hold off on the appointment because he had a number of issues to discuss in private. It should be noted here that Mr. Heidmann has been vocal in his opposition to some of the actions and policies of the mayor over the past year.

One can only surmise the mayor's opposition might have had some something to do with his not concurring with the appointment. Mr. Heidmann stated he was able to answer any question the mayor might have now, in public in front of everybody. The mayor continued to push for a private meeting.

As an onlooker to council meetings over several years, this is the first time I can remember a recommendation from the planning commission being treated this way. Voting with the mayor on the issue was council member Sellner, who, while sitting with the planning commission only days before, voted for the confirmation of Mr. Heidmann.

Makes one wonder what's going on. One can only guess.

Don Jacobson,