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Danecdotes: To those who wait

Good things come to those who wait.

You have no doubt heard that dozens, if not hundreds, of times. It is an expression that is wildly, infuriatingly overused in our society. If you were to say it to me, I would have to resist the urge to punch you with every fiber of my being.

That being said, recent events in my life have made me see some truth in that phrase, and it has made me reflect on the ways it has been true over the years. Surprisingly, I uncovered several examples.

As a kid, my family would receive a Sears Christmas catalog every August or September. It was larger than any phone book we had, and it was chock-full of toys, games and other fun gift ideas. I would pore over that book for months on end, circling things I really wanted for Christmas and dog-earing the pages that caught my attention.

The weeks leading up to Christmas would seemingly last forever, but the day would finally come and I usually had a few gifts waiting for me under the tree that were straight out of that catalog.

I waited, and good things came.

My wife and I started dating in high school. It eventually became a foregone conclusion that we would get married, but we both had to get through college and she immediately went to grad school following graduation. Needless to say, taking our time was for the best.

Nearly eight years after our relationship began, I was working full time, had finally saved up some money for a ring and popped the question. We were married one year later.

There was plenty of waiting, but that was certainly a good thing.

The prime example of this came last fall, when my wife told me she was pregnant with our first child. For a long time, nothing really changed. It felt weird knowing a big change was coming our way, but until it did, all we could do was wait.

And wait we did. We waited nine long months. The due date finally came, but the baby did not. We waited another week and still didn't have a baby. Finally, we made the trip to the hospital to induce labor.

Thirty agonizing hours later, and still no baby.

Finally, the decision was made for a cesarean section, and 75 minutes later I was a father to a perfectly healthy, adorable baby boy. (I know I'm biased. Deal with it.)

We waited, and we waited and we waited some more. This time, the greatest thing came to us.

Though I'm tired of hearing "good things come to those who wait," I see why that phrase exists and - now more than ever - I see its merits.

It makes me look ahead with a bit more excitement, curious about what good things will happen to me and my family over the next few years. Obviously, we cannot just wait around for life to happen, but some things - arguably the best things - are going to require some patience.

Good things will come, and I will be waiting.

Dan Determan
Staff Writer for the Pineandlakes Echo Journal weekly newspaper